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Playing games is an everyday want for kids and even adults since ages. There have been so many games invented. Modifications have been occurring since the ancient period and till now it is continuing. Normally, an indoor game is silent and requires less energy. While an outdoor game is defined as an adventure game or a sport. It needs high strength and a lot of endurance. But can indoor gaming be adventurous too?

The game of bowling

bowling balls

Indoor games normally are the ones where we sit in one place or an area and not leave it. Video games, board games etc. come under indoor gaming. But, there are some games which require physical movement and strength, like pool and ice hockey. Amongst those games is bowling. You must have seen bowling alleys in your town. It is a game which requires bowling balls which is a hard ball in the spherical shape. In this game, a person takes a bowling balland throws at the bowling pins. So basically, this ball is used to hit the pins. The scores are recorded too.

Types of bowling balls

Different types of bowling balls are based on how many pins are needed to hit. They are differentiated on weight, material and pin hitting requirement. They are listed down:

  • Ten pin ball – It is a ball that is designed under World bowling and USBC specified methods. The weight is around 7.3 kg with dimensions of 21.59 cm diameter to 21.83 cm in diameter. The specifications also include hole drilling limitations, surface hardness, the radius of gyration, surface roughness, friction, balance, exterior markings, RG differential, dynamic performance, and plug limitations.
  • Candlepin ball – This has a weight of 1 kg to 1.1 kg with a fixed diameter of 11 cm. It is smaller than ten pin ball. It has a property of deflection upon reaching an impact as it is light.
  • Five pin ball – These weigh between 1.5 kg and 1.7 kg with a diameter of 12.1 cm to 12.7 cm. These have no finger holes.
  • Duckpin ball – Like five pin ball, it has the weight of 1.5 kg to 1.7 kg and diameter of 12.1 cm to 12.7 cm. These are larger than candlepin bowling balls and have 60% lesser diameter of that of a ten pin ball.

All of these bowling balls give a different purpose in the game. Every single one of these has a specific criterion on which they have been differentiated and used. The game of bowling does not have a fixed amount of pins everywhere. The number of pins to be hit changes, and this leads to choosing the ball according to the same purpose.

Bowling alleys are now being made in every city as possible. The most famous alleys bring out and host bowling nights where people come and enjoy their time. In some places, there are bowling teams who have their own jerseys and bowling shoes which they wear and attend the competition with a bottle of beer, burger, fries and so on. This game is a very enduring and fun game. Everybody should give it a try.